The Winter Sun Approves

The Winter Sun Approves

Breath rolls from you in frosted puffs. You gaze up at the winter sky with its muted pinks and purples. Snow is falling, snow on snow. Cedar branches sag under its dense blankets. You close your eyes and let a snowflake melt on your tongue. It never quenches your thirst but you continue to sample winter’s cocktail. You arc your arms and legs along the soft pack of snow on the ground. Up down, open and closed. Your frenetic movements cause a glistening cloud to form around you. You sink deeper and deeper until you see the walls of the blue and white snow angel you have made. Overhead, the sun nods approvingly at the beauty you have created this midwinter.nature-landscapes_hdwallpaper_wonderful-misty-winter-japanese-morning_6309


About hannahslomp

I have an interest in arts and culture wherever my bicycle takes me. My travels have allowed me to realize that there is ingenuity wherever you go, you just have to go off the beaten municipal bike path.
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