Van Dusen those are nice!

A few weeks ago I mounted ye ole bicycle and headed down to Van Dusen gardens, for two reasons: 1) gardens are awesome and 2) there was a plant sale and entry was free that day…Vancouver Flower

Seeing as my one-bedroom apartment does not come equipped with a patio, let alone a garden, I have to find other ways to reap my call-to-the-wild, which, in Vancouver, means taking advantage of the green space provided.

Upon my arrival at Van Dusen on a balmy spring afternoon a few things caught my eye: 1) I wasn’t the only one who wanted to reap their call-to-the-wild and 2) the cherry blossoms were out and so were many camera-toting tourists.

One of the most striking difference between Vancouver and some of the other cities I have lived in, primarily Edmonton (which is nick-named “Deadmonton” for a reason that feels appropriate to mention here), is that Vancouver’s year-round lush greenery  is one to be envied by the rest of the nation. Don’t forget that when I was traipsing Van Dusen’s gardens in late April and smelling the Rhododendron blossoms, much of the rest of Canada was nestled in a thick coat of snow.

And, although I always defend Edmonton (yes, a shout-out to Old Strathcona and it’s hip underground music scene and stunning river valley trails [see above photo]), I can’t help but guiltily enjoy Vancouver’s ever present flora and fauna. (A slight aside, it’s shocking that when someone asks me where I’m from and I say Edmonton how many people lamely respond, “I’m sorry to hear that”.)

One other observation I had, which was reinstilled during my visit to Van Dusen, was that Vancouver is FULL (and I mean PLEIN!) of Rhododendrons. And I, admittedly, have wrongfully categorized them many times as a Hibiscus or a Magnolia tree. Then again, a botanist I am not.

Tune in soon for Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden write-up, or something else that’s riveting.


About hannahslomp

I have an interest in arts and culture wherever my bicycle takes me. My travels have allowed me to realize that there is ingenuity wherever you go, you just have to go off the beaten municipal bike path.
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2 Responses to Van Dusen those are nice!

  1. Nina says:

    Van dusen is beautiful–I was there for a wedding a couple of years ago. And, coincidentally, I was just at the sun yat-sen memorial in Taipei! So, as always, we seem to living parallel lives.

  2. Sandra says:

    I love the humour in this write up, Hannah!

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